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It seems that the rule was established at the end of the Muromachi period and was well established in the Edo period.

As one of the few documents that exist, The ancient documents’’Shaku no daii(or’’Shaku no shidai’’)describes in detail how to serve sake at sake ceremonies, etiquette,ect.

And also, there is a polite manual that even includes a floor plan of the guests.

Surprisingly, according to researchers, there are other ways to entertain guests, such as how to receive guests, how to behave, how to serve sake,how to warm sake,and how to choose dishes and sake cups.

It seems that there were two or three styles, such as those for samurai families.

One of the rules of the drinking party, ‘’ Meguri Sakazuki’’, which turns the sake cup from the upper seat to the lower seat and return it to the upper seat.

From the fact that it appears in the lyrics of ‘’Kojo no Tsuki’’, it seems that the people of Sakedo were infiltrated during that time until the middle of the Meiji period.

Even now, words such as’’ dedication cup’’, ‘’reverse cup’’ and ‘’flow cup’’remain, but the sake-do(road) itself has been cut off.

Therefore, we(SWA) have reprinted the modern version of sake-do.


Kanpai Series

Regular annual events will be held in various parts of the world as a place where you can enjoy the sake that is brewed for the world every year and experience the new values ​​provided by our association.

In line with the harvest season of rice every year, we will spread the sake series brewed for the world, which symbolizes a new era of sake, with a display method that is easy for the world to understand.