Greetings from Sake World Association!

Sake World Association is an institution of like-minded individuals whose goal is sharing Japanese sake and culture with our partners. Our intention is that members understand the deep history of sake along with using that knowledge to entertain their local dining tables. We hope to preserve the traditional activities seen in sake-dou and passon this information to a new era of sake fans.
Recently, we have teamed up with the Gokujou Brewery here in Japan. We are partnering with them to share the experience of sake with the rest of the world. Our hope is thatwe are able to find interested partners in other parts of the world to help us learn about their unique cultures and how Japanese sake culture might mix with their own. Gokujou has produced 5 wonderfully pure Sake’s designed to reach out to various tastes in the rest of the world.
On May 9th, we will be celebrating with our friends in a closed Japanese sake event for the release party of our first product which will be publicly released on June 15th. In the future, even if you are not an expert! Sake World Association would love to welcome more interested parties to our events. Sake World Association has a multitude of resources designed to help even a novice become more acquainted.
If you are interested in preordering the sake from the May 9th event: