Japan possesses many traditional cultures that can be proud of to the world. Among them, sake is “the only one Alcohol in the world that was named after the country name as it is" and is the national flagship alcohol of Japan.


Sake is deeply associated with various essences of Japan, such as tradition and history, temples and shrines, eight million spirits, awe and respect for nature, and fermentation culture rooted in the region. And it is a representative of Japanese culture that we Japanese should confidently convey to the world.


It was said that “Shudo", which was once talked about how to taste sake, was as widespread as “Kado” flower arrangement and “Sado” tea ceremony around the Kamakura period when it became a samurai society. Unfortunately, in the Meiji era, it seems that “Shudo” is not often talked about.


We will convey this to the world in the form of SAKE-DO, which matches modern society, with the spirit of Japan respecting courtesy and respecting harmony. This is also a guideline for our activities to convey sake and Japanese culture to the world.


SAKE may mean alcohol in general in Japan, but originally it meant Nihonsyu. At SAKE-DO, we aim to be a better person by controlling our own appearance and mind by learning manners and behavior when drinking alcohol. We believe that courtesy is created by knowing the depth of the experience of touching and having a feeling of gratitude for it.

In addition, by touching and learning the spirit of Zen and harmony that has been rooted in Japan for a long time, we aim to lead a calm and fulfilled daily life even in the rapidly changing daily life.


We will continue to work together with the world with the advice and support of all of you in order to connect with the cultures, regions and people of the world and to make it a “Way" to walk together on new values.


Greeting from Chairman

We are introducing brand new & exciting, traditional & decent, Japanese Sake to the world. Have you tried Japanese Sake before?

We explain how to enjoy sake and basic Sake knowledge, even the brewing method closely guarded in the Manga style for easy understanding with several languages. Sake actually has the widest range to pair the global local foods. Once you find how to enjoy Sake with your local ordinary dishes, you can enjoy your dine more with a new fantastic experience.Let your local dining table become a fantastic entertaining place! We’re really looking forward to tossing “Kanpai” together with you and your local dishes!!


Association Information

Official Name SAKE WORLD Association
Established March 31st, 2021
Address 5th Floor, 70 Kandasakumagashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 101-0026
Chairman Eiji SHISHIDO




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