Drinking is greeting

“Drinking” has the power to connect you with the world.

Kanpai, Cheers, Prost, Salud, Drinking makes everyone open minded from all ages and every single place. Drinking makes it easier  to connect with friends, and it also connects you with your inner self.


Drinking is creating

“Drinking” cultivates your sensitivity.

Feel sake, learn sake, and experience sake. Thus, it is to create a new concept that you would not notice if you were living normally. That sensibility is not something that can be obtained by giving or adding something, but something that is originally equipped with oneself. In this sense, creation can be said to manifest.


Drinking is awaking

“Drinking” brings you to the new world “a hearty rich life” 

Because sake is infused with invisible spices that enrich your life. sharpened sensibility leads to true happiness. It gives you many opportunities, perceived pleasure such as: depth of life, connections with people, gratitude to nature, and fulfilled days.