1st Online Event KANPAI Festival held

The 1st online event, KANPAI Festival was held on May 9, 2021 (Sun).

SAKE WORLD’s KANPAI Festival is an event held to enjoy sake together with food cultures from all over the world. At SWA, we believe that by knowing the local culture, we can make sake suitable for that food culture together with other parts of the world.

We hope that the KANPAI Festival will be an opportunity to create new brands with partners around the world who are interested in Japanese culture and sake.



The first KANPAI Festival was held as an opportunity to connect acquaintances and related persons from five European countries with five Japanese breweries. Sake prepared assuming the representative dishes of each country was sent to five countries, and participants from each country prepared their own representative dishes and enjoyed the pairing event.


The next event will be held in conjunction with the events after July.

In the future, we plan to develop it into an event that conveys Japanese culture through the sake brewery, beyond its meaning as a selection event for sake and food.